Pilates Instructor Courses

Pilates training focuses on bodily balance and development through flexibility, core strength and awareness, supporting graceful efficient movement. One of the key strengths of Pilates is that it works for such a wide audience of participants from athletes and dancers to elderly people and those in need of physical rehabilitation. It is great for post surgery and pregnancy strengthening and for anyone seeking to achieve a healthy body that works for them in everyday life.

There are six Pilates principles that have been derived from the original philosophy which include centring, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow making it a holistic exercise that also decreases stress levels. Developing the mind-body connection is challenging but this is one of the primary benefits of Pilates training in that is focuses on function and form to improve whole health and fitness. Every workout is physical and mental improving posture, developing healthy movement and body alignment.

Pilates training is one of the most popular ways to exercise. Life today is stressful and the benefits of exercise are well known leading to a demand for qualified Pilates instructors who can maintain the integrity of the Pilates system and ensure that any physical risks are minimised by the proper use of technique. Ireland is fortunate that there are excellent training establishments for would be Pilates instructors.

These training centres offer certification options for both mat Pilates and machine Pilates. Each provider may have slightly different methods and philosophies, but all will offer intensive courses covering the necessary skills and principles for those who wish to become knowledgeable and certified Pilates instructors. Proper Pilates training and accreditation from acknowledged training centres will enable graduates of Pilates courses to work as part of a gym team or in their own studio.

Become a pilates instructor by completing one of the Pilates Instructor courses listed on Findacourse.ie