Pre and Post Natal Instructor Course

This live online course aims to give you both the knowledge and skills to train the pregnant client and those returning to exercise post partum. The course runs for one day.

With increased competition in the Fitness Industry, it is important as a Trainer to upskill, stay with the trends and identify your ‘Niche’  area. Exercise during Pregnancy and Postpartum is a skill area that a lot of trainers may lack and hence see a drop off in clientele during this time.

The course will provide a deeper insight to the current guidelines and recommendations for the pregnant client. You will learn how to implement these guidelines in a safe, effective manner. You will receive clarification on the correct advice and exercise programming to provide your client with; during pregnancy and postpartum. Learn how to adapt your fitness classes and personal training sessions for the pregnant client. What exercises can and cannot be implemented into their exercise regime, what intensity level is recommended at each trimester and much more.

Course Benefits

  • Gain the knowledge to work with Personal Training clients who wish to continue exercising during pregnancy.
  • Students will be able to design safe and effective exercise programs for the client during pregnancy and post partum.
  • Participants will be knowledgeable in the limitations of the pregnant client and be aware of the contraindications.
  • Be able to adapt Fitness Classes to suit the Pregnant client and know which Fitness Classes should be avoided.
  • Know the importance of pelvic floor training postpartum and the exercises required to strengthen these muscles.
  • Gain a basic understanding of the Nutritional needs of the client during pregnancy.
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